Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sons and Daughters Album

Amy and I recently attended the Next Conference in Baltimore with a group from Inversion. It was a really good weekend for us as a couple plus we got to work on Adoption paperwork between sessions... good times!

While there I purchased the new album by Sovereign Grace music titled "Sons and Daughters". I think the folks over at Sovereign Grace write some of the most Christ-centered, God honoring music out there, and we have been listening to this album quite a bit since the conference. It just so happens that virtually every song on it is about what it means for us to be adopted in Christ by our Heavenly Father, thus the title "Sons and Daughters"... providential timing for what we are experiencing right now as a family. Anyway, you can purchase the album at the Sovereign Grace site or download it from iTunes... I highly recommend it!

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