Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garage Sale

We are having a yard sale/bake sale this coming friday/saturday June 25-26th and could really use your help!! Our adoption journey has progressed really fast and we have $2250 of immediate expenses to keep progressing towards our daughter. We need volunteers to work the sale, baked goods/donuts/hot dogs to sell, and lots and lots of your stuff that you don't want anymore. The sale will be in Spring Hill at Carol Schmid's house, 2981 Buckner Lane. The times of the sale are as follows: Friday afternoon, June 25th 4pm-7pm (we will sell hot dogs and hopefully catch people coming home from work), and Saturday morning, June 26th 6am-12pm. We will also need help Friday morning to organize and price the stuff. You can drop off your items to my house (1822 Portview Dr.) or Carol's house next week. Also, let us know if you need our help picking up your big items. Jonathan will have a truck Wednesday night and Thursday morning for picking up items. Please help us spread the word!! Thanks so much for your help in advance!

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