Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The boys

Several of you have asked us about how the boys have reacted so I thought I would share a few stories. Haddon was actually with me when I first saw her picture, and he asked me who the little girl was. I told him that she was a little girl who needed a family, and we needed to pray for her. He said immediately, "mommy, why doesn't she come and live with us?" so precious!! It was during Hayes' naptime, and he didn't mention anything else about it until Hayes woke up. When Hayes woke up he said mommy show Hayes that baby girl. When I showed Hayes the picture, he just looked at me shyly and kissed the computer screen!! :) That was about a month ago, and just recently I put a picture of her on the refrigerator, and Haddon asked why his baby sister was on the refrigerator. .ha!! :) It had been a month since he had seen her picture and he saw the picture for only a brief period. .crazy what their little minds remember!! We spoke more with them before our home visit with our social worker because she needed to talk to them about it. Now they ask every time we leave the house if we are going to get their little sister!! We went to the doctor today to get some immunization records and they both cried on the way home because they thought we were bringing her home from the doctor. Their love for her is so sweet, and I pray that the wait will be as short as possible. It is so hard for them to comprehend time! They have started including her in their imaginative play, and it has been a joy to watch them bond with a little girl on the other side of the world that they have never met! Thank you Jesus for encouraging me through my kiddos!! :)


  1. This is the sweetest story. You must be so proud of you boys!

  2. Thanks Weylon for the encouraging word! Yeah, we are so thankful for our little dudes and their excitement about a sister. Just a couple of days ago I heard them trying to get to China with their "Rescue Heroes"... "No, not that way to China, this way!" Very cool!